Barcelona The club are negotiating a contract extension with Messi. preparing

Barcelona talked about Messi’s contract renewal on May 28, and Barcelona has the latest progress. According to Catalan media reports, Laporta has already sent Messi a contract extension. Prepare for the Argentina World Cup and America’s Cup. The final process. The cooperation is Messi’s deal, but he has not decided yet. pg slot money

This contract is not much different from previous news. After Messi played for Barcelona for two years and then went to the United States to play in the Major Leagues, he couldn’t play PG anymore. He served as Barcelona’s ambassador to the United States, and then joined the Barcelona government within 5 years of his retirement. pg slot

On May 28th, writer Samuel Marsden added: Barcelona President proposed to renew the contract. In other words, you can choose to stay in Barcelona alone. Or go to the United States for a year, and a year later is the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. An important reason for his entry into the five major leagues is that he can play for the national team in a good competitive state after 2022. He will retire from the national team. free deposit

The 2022 World Cup will be held in the winter. This means that if the top five leagues want to participate in the World Cup, they may enter the 2023 season before the end of the year. He may have to stay in Barcelona for two years. In the end, at the end of the 2022 season, the World Cup has not yet started, so if you want to maximize your role, you will be at the top of the list. He should stay in Barcelona for two years and leave the Big Five until the 2023 season.

However, although he is said to have played for Barcelona for two years, he was only 35 when he was 35, but he was the third player and the first contender in history. He is the best football player in the world. Its beak is not that short. Speaking of Ronaldo’s 36-year-old state, he can still lead Juventus to the Serie A championship. He also won the Serie A Golden Boot and the European Golden Boot, including entering the FIFA Team of the Year and the final three candidates. World football players.

He is better than Cristiano Ronaldo and versatile, so he may be better than Cristiano. The 35-year-old Ronaldo regrets bidding farewell to the major leagues. This is just a defeat in the history of the World Cup. Of course, his career still depends on his choice, and fans can only sigh for his withdrawal from the major leagues. This also means loyalty to Barcelona. Because he said that the team submitted the application as early as 2020. However, if he feels that he is not worthy of Barcelona, ​​he will choose to leave Barcelona’s current starting lineup. This does not mean it is worth it.

ESPN and supporter Samuel Marsden provided an update on Messi’s contract renewal. With Barcelona and news La Porta’s conversation with his father and his former agent went well. As his father, he has a say. And he is also a filial person. As long as La Porta handles it the old-fashioned way. He will be able to manage everything Messi has on a large scale, and his wife and children reportedly prefer to live in Barcelona. And they don’t want to go to Manchester, England, asia999, which makes Barcelona the same.

After the Copa America final on May 28, local time, Barcelona Messi will decide to renew his contract with the club, an internationally renowned football journalist, betting website and professional agent. He once released news that Messi’s stay in Barcelona is almost a foregone conclusion. He is renewing his contract through a pay cut. But La Porta has other ways to meet demand. Meet the income needs of the king of football

After the season, he reported to the Argentine national team. Spanish media said that Laporta has promised to wait until the end of the Copa America before making a decision. Messi’s stay in Barcelona was almost an unexpected ending. He broke the news that Messi’s family and his team did not know whether to move or leave.

But it was confirmed earlier this year that he was determined to leave Barcelona. The first evidence is that the largest Argentine star agency team in Asia at that time has returned to their hometown of Barcelona. The second evidence that he is preparing to retire is that Messi’s family has already started to learn French.

The connection between Messi and Manchester City is almost impossible, and Paris’s determination and attitude to guide him is clear. The turning point of the story was the appointment of Laporta. Messi’s father was the first to send a congratulatory message from abroad. There are no sudden milestones. Messi will accept a pay cut in Barcelona. So how to win the world championship financially? La Porta also has its own technology.

It is reported that the chairman of LLAC has created an association. And some projects to build big IP have also attracted much attention. The United States joint venture agencies made it clear, but their earnings next season will definitely be lower than before.

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